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Nite Owl

dark roast
Nite Owl
€ 2,69 10 cápsulas (€ 5,38 / 100g)
€ 2,69 10 cápsulas (€ 5,38 / 100g)
€ 2,69 10 cápsulas (€ 5,38 / 100g)
€ 2,69 10 cápsulas (€ 5,38 / 100g)
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Nite Owl – an espresso with a pleasant chocolate fragrance. Perfect for all nocturnal animals. A fine selection of dark-roast South American Arabica beans rounded with East African Robusta Beans create and extra strong coffee.

Aroma and Tasting Notes

The dark roast of this blend gives the Nite Owl a full, chocolatey finish that is low in acidity. The Arabica beans are enriched with Robusta Beans to develop a balanced, intense espresso with a rich crema.

Blend Details

Our Nite Owl is made of 85% Arabica beans from Honduras, Peru and Brazil. The beans from Peru and Honduras are grown in the highlands of each country. These are blended with unwashed Arabica Santos beans from Brazil, which have a balanced coffee bouquet and a decent acidity. The blend is extended with Robusta Beans from Uganda which give the coffee a full structure and reduce the acid and a rich crema. All of this adds up to a well-rounded coffee with a bold taste and smooth finish.

Tips for preparation

If you want to enjoy the full zest of the Nite Owl we recommend you prepare this coffee as an espresso or a ristretto. This blend is also perfect for a cappuccino or latte macchiato because of its chocolatey finish.

Additional information

  • 10 coffee capsules per single box
  • 5g ground coffee per capsule
  • Compatible with Nespresso®* systems
  • Made of South African Arabica and East African Robusta beans
  • After payment has been received or when ordering by invoice, delivery than takes places by DHL within Germany in approx. 1-5 days. Delivery to other European countries takes approx. 3-8 days.


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